Latitude and Longitude

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Outfit Details
Top: Zara
Envelope Skort: Zara
Shoes: ZOOM @ Zando

This post is undoubtedly dedicated to the beloved and dearly missed Joan Rivers. Joan has been a continual source of knowledge for me. Joan has not only taught me so much about fashion, styling and fit but just about life in general. Her unapologetic honesty and self-deprecating humour has taught me not to take myself and life too seriously. She was an incredible woman, comedienne and fashionista with an unbelievable work ethic. I write this alongside my TV while her THS replaces my weekly dose of Fashion Police. My heart is heavy as I write this but as a committed Joan ranger, I salute her memory and can only send love and strength to her grieving family. I know her memory will be celebrated and immortalized in the laughter that she gave to all of us.

One of the greatest misconceptions about dress is the idea of not mixing prints and patterns. Besides, the idea of such a combination seems so daunting. Usually we team a busy top with plain pants or a printed skirt with a simple top. Print on print is one of my favourite ensembles. The essence of a mixed print combination is dimension. As long as you balance out the busyness of the prints (or direction of the stripes in my case), you are all good to go. By differentiating the size and direction of prints or patterns, you are guaranteed to achieve a fashionably flattering formation.

Here’s my version of how to be daring with stripes but still pull off a simplistic look. Hope you enjoy!

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Xo, M


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