He. She. Me. You?

Hello Trashcan Rebels 🙂
Firstly, I have to apologise for being absent for so long. University and all its hectiness just got the better of me last semester. But now with exams out the way, get excited for some exciting new posts!
Secondly, I have to thank you all for the amazing love and support that I have recieved in person and through your comments and emails. It is so encouraging and I cannot thank you enough.
Now on to today’s post.
A few months ago I had to write a test in the afternooon and wanted to be dressed as comfortable as possible (as one does when siting stationary in a hall for 40 minutes). I remember leaving my house, pleased with my outfit, thinking I had effectively pulled off a “sports-chic” ensemble. Much to my dismay, I arrived at the venue only to be confronted by a guy friend informing me that my jacket looked like I had inherited it from a dead grandmother (and NOT in the cool vintage way). This left we wondering, how differently do guys and girls actually perceive outfits?
Look no further because today we are going to tackle that task head on (or jacket off, in my case).
Today’s post requires YOUR assistance. Coming up are some photos of a casual day-to-day look. I want you to check them out and decided for yourself what you think of the outfit. Subsequently, I have consulted with some guys and girls to get their opinions on today’s outfit and have also included my personal opinion of what I hoped the look would resemble. Compare the comments and see for yourself how style configures in the eye of the beholder.
photo 2
photo 1
photo 3
photo 5
Photographer: Liat Friedland
He 1: “Chilled Vibe but don’t love the shoes”
She 1: “Rocker chic”
He 2: “The jacket adds elegance while the jeans are rebellious”
She 2: “The right amount of slick with just the right amount of relaxed”
Me: Casual with an edgy twist
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photo (2)
Xo, M

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