Palm Springs

Palm Springs

The holidays have come and gone and those of us have who have returned to our busy unexciting schedules often find ourselves day dreaming about our next vacation (which is probably way more than a day dream away).

Nonetheless, there is an easy way to tackle those post holiday blues and get you back to that holiday nostalgia.
Two words: PALM PRINT.

Palm print was one of the biggest trends of 2014 both in terms of both fashion and lifestyle. It made debuts on the runway, in home décor, accessories, swimwear and just about every clothing store on the block. So its no wonder I’m begging to revive this trend for 2015.

The palm print is super approachable – it is suitable for both guys and girls, can be dressed up or played down and it comes in a variety of styles and colours. Whether you’re feeling bold and adventurous and rock that maxi dress, jumpsuit or matching t-shirt and shorts or take a more subtle approach and pop hints of prints into your daily ensemble with accessories like a scarf, sneakers, a bag or cap, you’re bound to board the boat to bliss.

Scatter cushions for your couch or a wall clock for the office are other great ways to bring that tranquil ambience into your home and work space !

So don’t let the monotony of 8-5 throw shade on your “back-to-reality” parade. Pop a pint of palm and paradise awaits !

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