Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Couture

Some of my favourite looks from this season’s Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Couture…


00030h_452x678[1] 00310h_452x678[1] 00500h_452x678[1] 00050h_452x678[1] 00540h_452x678[1] 00460h_452x678[1]

Elie Saab

00010h_452x678[1] 00160h_452x678[1] 00180h_452x678[1] 00220h_452x678[1] 00260h_452x678[1] 00450h_452x678[1]


00010h_452x678[1] 00030h_452x678[2] 00450h_452x678[2] 00430h_452x678[1] 00400h_452x678[2] 00260h_452x678[1]


00030h_452x678[1] 00090h_452x678[1] 00120h_452x678[1] 00300h_452x678[1] 00440h_452x678[1] 00460h_452x678[1]

Zuhair Murad

00010h_452x678[2] 00020h_452x678[1] 00140h_452x678[1] 00030h_452x678[1] 00280h_452x678[2] 00240h_452x678[1]

All images courtesy of Vogue

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