How to Contour

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Welcome to the first make up tutorial on Trashcan Rebellion !

So excited to finally be sharing this with you guys.

You guys voted and contouring won. I’m not going to lie, I was super excited to learn all the tricks behind contouring.

For this tutorial, I was lucky enough to work with Sam Goldin, a MAC make up artist.  Sam studied make-up artistry at Face to Face and now works as a professional make-up artist at MAC Melrose. I was lucky enough to get some insight into Sam’s expertise for this countouring tutorial.

Hope you guys enjoy !

First off, make sure to moisturize your skin. This just prepares the skin for the products that are going to be used.

Next apply primer. You can use a foundation brush or your hands. Silicone based primers work the best as they grip the foundation and make it last longer.

Apply foundation using circular movements and buff into the skin. We used a #188 brush (No. 3 in the picture above) which helps to avoids streaks and makes the foundation look really natural.

Tip: to avoid having your face look darker than your neck (one of my sister’s biggest pet peeves), blend a bit of foundation and bronzer down the neck to give your skin an even tone.

For the contour and highlighting we used the MAC pro conceal and correct palette in the medium shade (the palette colour differs according to skin tone) But if you don’t have a contouring palette, you can use two different coloured concealers: a lighter one to highlight and a darker one to contour. But always make sure to test out which colours work best with your skin tone.

Tip: Sam recommends using cream concealers as they are easier to blend than powders. The better they blend, the more natural it looks.


Areas that you contour: Rim of the face (hairline), temples, groove under cheek bone, jaw line.

These are areas that give you the sun kissed glow.

To contour:

Use the darker colours of the concealer palette. When applying to these areas, use circular movements and buff into the skin to give that faded shadowy look.

Feel for the groove under your cheek bone and make a line from the middle of your ear to the middle of your cheek and blend back and forth right back to your ear. We used a #130 brush. (No. 2 in the image above) but you can just as easily use a tapered face brush or a thin powder brush.


Dust into the hairline and under the jaw bone using your contouring brush.

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When finishing off, make sure to blend from the temples, to the area under the cheek bone, until under the jaw line in a “3” shape motion.

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Finish off with a bronzer or mineralizer in these areas to give the skin that natural finish.


Areas that you highlight: A little bit above middle of where your eyebrows meet, area under the eyes, bridge of the nose, cheek bones, Cupid’s bow, chin.

To highlight:

To highlight the area under the eyes, we used a #224 brush, (No. 1 in the picture ) and made the movement of a “Nike tick” using the lighter colours of the palette. We mixed NW25 with NW15.

photo (3.1)

For all the other areas, blend a small amount of the concealer mixture into the skin using your tapered blending brush until it fades into the skin and looks natural.

Using your ringer finger, press cream colour base into the skin on the cheek bone and a drop on the Cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose.

We finished off with fixed plus spray which has aloe vera and caffeine ingredients that hydrate and soothe the skin thus allowing for long lasting make-up. (We shot this tutorial in the morning and my make-up lasted solidly until the evening!)


photo (3)


photo (1)  photo 1 (3)

Hope you enjoyed !

To contact Sam for an appointment or booking:

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