That 70’s Show


The 70’s are having a major comeback this season and I couldn’t be more excited. 70’s flair was seen all over the runways and most recently found itself another home in street-style.

Rather than being full-fleged hippie, the trend this time around is to incorporate elements of the 70’s into your style in a much more modern and simplistic way.

Here’s what you need to know:

Manic Materials

  • Suede – think suede jackets, suede skirts, suede bags and boots. I’m even all up for suede on suede ! This material is just killing it this season.
  • Denim – denim jackets, wide-leg jeans and denim skirts in just about every length. Denim is just about as popular now as it was back in the days of my nineties childhood.
  • Flowy white shirts and all kinds of lace are other exciting things to look out for.

Traditional Trends

  • Fringe is one of those things that is just notoriously 70’s. Rock this trend on jackets, skirts and kimono’s. And if you’re not  having one of those fearless fashion days,  fringe is versatile enough to shine through your accessories. Show it off on bags and shoes.
  • Capes are having a major moment this season and what I love most about them is that they’re so effortless and versatile. You can literally just throw one on with jeans and a shirt or belt its around a fitted dress and pop on some heels.

Sassy Shoes

  • Gladiator shoes and tie-ups are having a major reboot (pun unintentional) this season. They can be found on heels, sandals and even pumps ! If you’re heading into the summer season, a pair of gladiator sandals is a MUST on your shopping list.

Accentuating Accessories  

  • 70’s accessories are undoubtedly about being the BIGGER the BETTER. I’m talking about round oversized sunglasses and huge floppy hats. Rock a giant sized bag if you will.

The whole key to incorporating the 70’s trend in 2015 is all about adding elements of the 70’s into your wardrobe. The styles out there are so modern and exciting and they’re EVERYWHERE.

Here are some ideas to help you rock out that 70’s trend like the modern hippie you are.

Loving the denim skirts, suede, fringe and hats from Asos.
Flowy shirts, denim and lace were huge trends on the Chloe Runway. Not to mention these unreal tie-up sandals. Obsessed.
Round over-sized sunglasses are having a major comeback !
Love the versatility of this Asos cape.
photo (4)
Add elements of fringe into any outfit with this super cool clutch from Asos.
Totally in love with these funky ankle boots from Tommy Hilfiger. Nothing says the 70’s quite like these.












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