Beat of The Week

After a discussion with my friend Gabriel (who suggested that I share some other personal aspects of my life beside for fashion, beauty and travel) I’m excited to be adding music to the blog. I am a huge fan of all music. I basically listen to every genre on the block. A lot of the music that I’m into would probably surprise most of you (Gabriel still can’t believe that I’m a die-hard Kendrick Lamar fan). So from now on, I’ll be sharing music that I’ve been listening to lately or which songs/albums I’m currently digging.

On that note, I’m super excited to introduce a new segment that I will be posting on Fridays called Beat of the Week. This segment will feature a track that that I just cant stop listening to or am just obsessing over (and probably playing way too much).

Today’s Beat of the Week is Back to Back by Drake. I heard it on the radio on Wednesday morning and just can’t get it out of my head.

A little bit of background: Meek Mill (he’s a rapper, for those not well versed in the hip-hop realm) accused Drake of using a ghost-writer for one of his own songs. Drake then released two diss tracks in response. This is the second of the two. It’s not the best song Drake has ever made but I think its still pretty good.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Happy Friday everyone !

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