My Top Travel Apps


Travelling is such a huge passion of mine although I don’t get it do it as often as I would like to. I love the opportunities that travelling gives you to meet new people, immerse yourself in different cultures and explore exciting places.

Travel Apps have definitely helped me out with booking airplane tickets, accommodation and most recently missioning around town in Israel. Here are my top travel apps. Hope they help you out on your future travels, and with any luck I’ll be using them again soon too!


I found out about Google Flights through an article I read on how to fit travelling into a busy schedule. Little did I know how this site would change my life. More of a flight search engine than a travel app, Google Flights ranks a range of potential flights (according to your chosen dates and inbound and outbound destinations) in ascending price order, highlighting your best option in green.


Google Flights also allows you to view the lowest price for each day of the month with the cheapest option being highlighted in green. This is super helpful if you are flexible with dates and allows one to save by comparing varying flight prices on different days. (Such a save!)

Another super helpful feature is that it automatically converts your chosen flights’ prices into your domestic currency. A feature that is lacking on a lot of other travel sites.


Once you have selected your chosen flights, book straight from that airline’s website to avoid booking charges.

Google Flights comes with a whole range of other features that I could speak about for days. I won’t go into more detail about these features now but if you would like me to do a post solely on Google Flights, leave a comment in the comments section below.


A few days before my flight I received an email advertising TripCase. My natural curiosity lead me to check it out. If there’s one app you need to have while travelling, it’s this one. TripCase comes with a whole range of incredible features that blew my mind away. TripCase is basically your one stop online travel coordinator that organizes and records details from your flights to your travel itinerary. TripCase allows you to:

  • see all the details pertaining to your flight including boarding gates, notifies you of time changes, provides you with a report of the weather in the airport and even connects you to Uber
  • share the details of your trip with multiple contacts which also notifies them of flight delays and arrival times
  • plan activities for the duration of your stay as well as benefit from special offers for tourist sites by booking through the app
  • benefit from the recommendations of restaurants, sights and things to do
  • remembers and records your favourite hotspots like restaurants, shops etc. so that you can visit them again

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Google Maps


This might seem like an obvious one for some but I truly felt the benefits after this trip. I used to use Google Maps solely as a GPS when driving to an unknown area and as such took little notice of the fact that the app allows you to choose routes based on your means of travel i.e. by foot, bus or car. It not only gives you the duration of time with each method but also provides you with alternative routes within each choice. This app is great if you are travelling somewhere with efficient public transport and are eager to explore the city.

I would not have been able to manage my trip without these three !

Apps That I Didn’t This Time Use But Are Highly Recommended


For my trip last month, I was lucky enough to be staying with incredible friends and as such didn’t need to use this app to review my accommodation. However for those of you who are planning trips where you will be seeking a place to stay, I highly highly recommend this app. My friends and I used this app a few years back when we travelled to Thailand. The app lets you search all forms of accommodation ranging from hotels to hostels for pictures and reviews. The difference here is that the photos and comments come from other travellers and as such, deflect misleading ideas and images about the accommodation which makes the feedback more reliable. And for an added bonus, you will more often than not stumble upon some pretty hilarious photos. We found some wannabe models posing on the beach and found out that some guy has been “stolen in his room”.



I was only made aware of Hopper after I booked my trip. However after some solid research, I feel like its worthy enough to recommend. Hopper is an app that indicates to its user the best time to book a flight. We all know airlines have their dodgy tricks. I’ve heard a lot about booking flights on a Tuesday and that sometimes it works out cheaper to book a round trip and not use the second half of it, rather than a direct trip. As well as what I learned in economics about how airlines to a large degree employ price discrimination  on their customers to achieve gross amounts of profits.

Hopper allows users to view a whole variety of flights and promises to give its users the best deals possible. Hopper makes use of price predicting technology that ultimately lets the app become aware of potential future deals. Not only does Hopper provide a range of flights from cheap (green) to expensive (red), it also indicates when is the best time to book a flight; now or wait a while. The app tracks chosen flight itineraries for users and sends push notifications to immediately alert users of specials, essential booking times or other prospective airport options.

(Similar concept to Google Flights except it tell you when to book).



I was only alerted to Moovit near the end of my trip through someone I met on the bus. According to him, Moovit is great for tourists like myself, which seemed to be apparently obvious to everyone around me throughout the trip despite my commitment to speaking Hebrew as best as I could (which means not great at all) and trying to blend in as much as possible. (The pale skin seemed to be a dead giveaway).

Moovit is a local transit app that allows you to:

  • track live departure and arrival times of public transport systems and as such
  • keeps you updated on time and route changes and possible delays.

I still get notified of any changes to the schedule. Like the other day, I received a notification informing me that the railway system would not be active owing to a religious fast.

Have you guys tried any of these apps before? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Hope this helps all you wanderlusts !

2 thoughts on “My Top Travel Apps

  1. I’m also using a navigation app Spyglass that supports different maps, depending on my current needs: google maps, apple maps, open street map and open cycle map. It’s also very important that the app can read pre-downloaded maps when offline. Besides, it has many useful features for those people that are not very good at orienting. The app shows your current position on the map, can save waypoints and locations, for example, your car or your hotel location.


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