Beat of The Week


Happy Friday everybody!

Sorry about last week’s last of music. I was shooting a super cool look post for the blog that I genuinely cannot wait for you all to see. I collaborated with my friend Gabriel (yes, he’s the one who got me to start writing about music) who is an incredibly talented photographer and we shot all around the streets of Braam. I promise to try get that post out as soon as possible but there’s just so much content to get through. (There’s over 800 photos you guys!) In the meantime, I will be releasing a little sneak peak later on today, so make sure you are following my social media accounts to get the first look (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Back to today’s post. I have been wanting to share this song ever since I heard on the radio a couple of weeks back. It was scheduled for last week but as I mentioned earlier I was working on someting else exciting. I was contemplating whether or not to post it this week but after I kept hearing it on the radio and overheard someone in my Accounts lecture singing it, I knew it was pretty much a done deal.

This week’s Beat of The Week is Coffee by Miguel. I am such a huge Miguel fan. Pretty much anything his voice touches turns to gold (well in my eyes at least). His voice is so smooth and soulful and has such a silkiness about it. I can’t help it, I’m just obsessed.

Take a listen and see for yourself. If you weren’t a Miguel fan before, I’m pretty sure this song will convert you.

Hope you are all in for a fabulous weekend!

Listen to the track here.

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