Travel Tuesday: Hermanus – What to do, eat and where to stay


While in Cape Town, I spent a few days in Hermanus with some family. Hermanus is a little town just outside of Cape Town and it is famously known for is its whale watching.

Fun fact: Hermanus was originally called Hermanuspietersfontein, but the name had to be shortened because it was too long for the postal service. (Thanks for this little piece of info Jazz 😉 )

Before embarking on our trip, we collectively agreed that we wanted to get as much out of our few days as possible and therefore researched a list of restaurants and activities beforehand so that we could explore Hermanus as best as we could.

Here’s what we did and some of my personal recommendations.


Where to stay: 

We stayed at the Misty Waves Boutique Hotel. It’s  a gorgeous little hotel that is literally across the road from the sea. The service was excellent and and the hotel staff couldn’t do enough for us. The rooms are beautifully decorated, have incredible sea views and hotel guests are invited to used to the pool and little movie theatre. As a self-proclaimed interior design junkie, my one of my favourite aspects about this place had to be their attention to detail: between the artwork, decor and furnishing, I was utterly obsessed!

Loved having breakfast here in the morning across the street from the sea.
Loved having breakfast here in the morning across the street from the sea.

Where to eat: 

Lemon Butta 

If you’re a fan of sea food, then this place is a must! The food was outstanding and incredibly fresh (my fish arrived fresh at the restaurant just before dinner!). I had the salmon teriyaki and it is without a doubt the best salmon I have ever eaten. Despite the fact that it was holiday season at the time, and the restaurant was packed, the service was phenomenal. We couldn’t have been more impressed with the whole dining experience.

La Vierge

We had lunch at this French-style winery that boasts beautiful views of the vineyards. The food is really good, if you don’t order starters as mains which is an option that they offer. (I did – #bigmistake). Definitely worth going just for the experience if not anything else.

The magnificent view from La Vierge.
The magnificent view from La Vierge.


This is honestly one of the cutest restaurants I have ever seen. The outside has a deck area right on the street with tables, umbrellas and great views of the sea and the town market. Each room inside is decorated according to a different theme. There was a clock room, a photo room filled with old pictures and a tea & cupcake room. We just had tea and coffee here but the food looked delicious!

What to do: 

Fernkloof Nature Reserve

We had decided beforehand that one of our outings needed to be an active one and what better way to spend quality time together and exploring Hermanus, than doing a hike.

Fernkloof nature reserve offers a wide range of different hiking trails ranging in time and intensity. We did more of a nature tail than a hike that took roughly two hours. It was such a great experience and something that we don’t get to do very often in Johannesburg. The views are truly spectacular and I couldn’t help but stop and take pictures every few turns. It is so refreshing to be out in nature with great company, no distractions and to truly just enjoy and appreciate your surroundings.

And the best part? It’s completely free!

Fernkloof Nature Reserve
Fernkloof Nature Reserve


The beauty in this place is unreal!
The beauty in this place is surreal!
Tal, Jazz, Mish & Jen on our hike.
Tal, Jazz, Mish & Jen on our hike.
An area of the reserve had been badly damaged by a fire a few days before we hiked. For some reason, I was incredibly inspired by the contrast and had to take a million pictures. Needless to say I got mocked shitless for it, so hopefully you guys can appreciate it as much as I do.

Horseback Riding

I found out about Heaven & Earth Trails through TripAdvisor. It only got rave reviews and boy were they right! The company offers a variety of trails (which depend on your level of experience) with superb scenic routes. The views were truly spectacular and horse riding through the mountains and valleys is truly something I will never forget. Plus, your guide takes photos of you along the way so you can keep the special memories forever.

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, this is definitely something you should do!

Horse riding in the fields is something I will never forget!
Horse riding in the fields is something I will never forget!



Grotto Beach

Because we had so many other things we wanted to do, visiting a beach wasn’t really a priority for us as we had just come from Cape Town. However, we did land up going there for a good hour and a half in the late afternoon. Tali and I swam and the water was great! Next time I’m back in Hermanus, I would definitely love to spend the day there.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

Would you consider visiting Hermanus? I would love to know! Leave your comments below.




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