This look is one of my absolute favourites from my shoot with Tegan. I am obsessed with how the whole scene came together and especially love this beautiful and erethreal setting we have created using a few of Tegan’s tricks of the trade. (I’m convinced erethreal is a word, despite what spell check and the dictionary have to say).

I bought this top on a sale in June last year and pretty much haven’t stopped wearing it since. I’ve worn it with jeans, skirts and shorts to be exact.

I borrowed these shorts from my sister, Liat. She came home from Thailand literally two days before the shoot and I basically took them there and then. I knew what vibe I wanted to create for this shoot but didn’t have anything suitable in my cupboard. And when I saw these, I knew they couldn’t be more perfect. (Thats what sisters are for, right?)











Photography – Tegan Smith

Outfit Details

Top – Mink Pink @ Rose Water
Shorts – Thai market
Tie up sandals – Cotton On
Hoop earrings & Rings – Lovisa

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