Street Chic


I fell in love with these olive mules after seeing them in a magazine while on the plane to Israel last year. I tore them out and kept the picture in my purse in the hopes that when I returned from my trip, they would still be there. Lo and behold, they were still in stock, and I bought them without a second thought. I’m still just as much in love with them as I was initially, if not more. I can pretty much place them in any outfit. I love that they add that extra dimension to an outfit and effortlessly takes casual up a notch. Because I’m a little bit on the shorter side, I love that they give me that extra bit of height without having to endure the pain of “real” high heels. They are super comfy and I love being able to run around all day in them.







Khaki is an absolute staple in my closet, so when  bought this top I knew it would fit right in. I definitely consider khaki to be a neutral, it pretty much goes with everything. I love that this look managed to combine two shades of green in a really fluid way.

These jeans have quickly become a favourite of mine. I first saw them on Qaanita Orrie’s Instagram (@qaanitaorrie) and I was sold there and then. I probably wouldn’t have given them a second glance in the shop, but seeing them on and the way she styled them made all the difference. I love the wash and the more the knees rip, the better!

Outfit Details:

Top – H&M
Cap, Jeans & Mules – Cotton On

Photography – Maria Riazanova


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