Maiden’s Cove


This could possibly be my favourite shoot yet. I mean, how unreal is this setting? Between the beautiful colours of the beach just before sunset blended with the white flowy kimono and blueish hues from my denims and top, I really love how well this whole scene came together.

I bought this white kimono from Zara in Israel last year. I fell head over heels in love with it despite not knowing what do with it (I still don’t really, so suggestions are more than welcome!). It has such a boho feel to it with the wide sleeves, loose fit and embroidered detail under the bust.

For this look, I paired it with a printed Cotton On bikini top and denim shorts. I think the final look came together really well and definitely don’t think it needs to be restricted to the beach.












Shooting at Maiden’s Cove was Maria’s idea and the location couldn’t have been more perfect. For those that don’t know (or are in Cape Town and NEED to go), Maiden’s cove is a little private-like beach in between Clifton and Camps Bay. Its surrounded by boulders and has the most spectacular views of the Cape Town coast line. I loved the location so much, I even named this post after it. You’ve got to give credit where its due, right?

Maria really outdid herself with this shoot. I was truly blessed to get the opportunity to work with her and create the magic that we did. Its not every day that you find people who you connect so well with and who just understand you on another level.

This shoot really allowed both Maria and I to let our creative juices flow and just be spontaneous and enjoy the moment. (So much so that we have over 100 usable images from this shoot!) Obviously I can’t share all of them, (you guys would be here for days) but I am doing another post with a whole lot more from this shoot so make sure to stay tuned!

Lastly, I have to make a special mention of our incredible assistants, Tali and Megan. Without them this shoot couldn’t have turned out the way it did (especially the movement from first shot in this post). They were fantastic to have around and just brought such vibrant energy to set. Cant wait to have you guys back!

Photography – Maria Riazanova

Assistants: Talya Friedland & Megan Michalow

Outfit Details
White kimono – Zara
Bikini top and denim shorts – Cotton On
Ear cuff, ringlet & anklet – Lovisa





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