Little Europe


Happy FriYAY everybody! I hope you have all had a fantastic week.

You might recognise this look from a few weeks back. (If not, check it out here). Asย I mentioned in last week’s post, Maria and have so many usable images from our shoot that I couldn’t share in only one post, so I’m splitting them up and sharing them around. (Just to be clear, this post has little to do with fashion, and more to do with having fun and being spontaneous).

These images were shot in Bree Street, Cape Town but what I love the most is how the perspective has made them look like they were taken in a little town in Europe! (Giving me major wanderlust). Its crazy how certain angles, shots and positioning can make something appear in a completely different light. Great lesson for future: everything is not always as it seems ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Have a great weekend and enjoy the post! Xo








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