Delectable Dining in the Mother City


While in Cape Town this past weekend, we made a special effort to try out new places and not resort to our usual hangout spots. Here are some restaurants and coffee shops that you may not have heard of/ tried yet. Heads up, you should.

Chart Farm

Tegan and I shot here on Friday morning and this place is seriously beautiful. Not only can you have a ball picking roses and frolicking through the gardens, but there is also a gorgeous little coffee shop/restaurant nestled in between the greenery and surrounded by the mountains. It’s the perfect spot for some afternoon tea or a delicious breakfast.

Posticino Hout Bay


This seems to becoming a little family ritual of ours. After each time that I’ve shot with Tegan, my family seems to land up here for lunch, with me dressed in the last outfit from the shoot (at least this time it wasn’t mules and a red lip). The food is always delicious (the mushroom and artichoke ravioli is a must!) and the drive there and back boasts the most beautiful scenes of the Cape coastline and Chapman’s Peak.

The Mount Nelson Hotel


I have tried to come here on so many occasions and finally made it around this trip. We just came for some afternoon tea but the real treat lies in their famous High Tea experience. Unfortunately bookings are required for one to attend (and they get booked up for weeks!) but it is definitely something I would try and do. They have a wide selection of delicious mini pastries and sweets and the experience in and of itself must be quite something!

The Dutchess of Wisbeach

Both a bar and a restaurant, this place is a true vibe! We came here for drinks but I would definitely love to try out the restaurant for dinner next time.

The Vineyard Hotel


We stumbled upon this hotel by chance, and I couldn’t be happier that we did. The inside is so elegantly decorated and has all cool artifacts from different hotels around the world, scattered throughout its interior. We came here for a mid morning pit stop so we only had tea and coffee, but I would love to come back again for breakfast! The hotel has a magnificent outside area where you can sit and relax (a bit too chilly when we were there) which is surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains and scenery.

Bonus: there’s a beautiful little nature trail that you can enjoy and explore.

Mezepoli Camps Bay

I’m actually surprised as to how many people don’t know about this place. I’m constantly at the one in Joburg. The food is always delicious and the service spectacular. Definitely the best Greek food in town! Plus the one in Camps Bay has such a great ambience to it, being right on the beachfront. Great for lunch and dinner!

The Piano Bar

My friend Mikayla introduced me to this place in the Waterkant area. It has such a cool vibe! Although we only went for a coffee and catch up after dinner, I would definitely come back for drinks or something to eat.



Probably one of my favorite dining spots in Cape Town. I first went there last December and have been raving about it to Liat and Tali ever since. Their food is always so good and the service is fantastic. I love the whole setting of the place. And I can’t deny, this avo toast was probably one of the best I’ve ever had! Perfect for breakfast, brunch, coffee or lunch.

The Village Cafe


Liat introduced me to this place and I probably couldn’t be more obsessed. It’s nestled in between the bright coloured cottages in the Waterkant and sits high up on a corner that overlooks the city. We stopped off here for tea and juice but I would totally come here for breakfast or for a light lunch. Last time Liat came here she found out that the pastries are freshly made every hour so you can’t decide beforehand what you want. Whatever comes out the oven in that moment is what’s available. I love the spontaneity in that!


Without a doubt my favorite frozen yoghurt place. Every time I’m in Cape Town, I always make a special effort to pay them a visit. The other day Liat and I had the Oreo flavour and I am still dreaming about it. (It was so good that Liat and I actually had two servings). If you are in Cape Town at the moment, do yourself a favour and go try it out. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

Have you guys tried any of these place before? Would love to know what you think!


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