Pavement Special


When picturing a cohesive wardrobe, one of the first things that comes to mind is a good white shirt. Its classic, timeless and supernaturally versatile.  It is without a doubt a core element for any wardrobe. (If your wardrobe is like the human body, a white shirt would be the spine. Fittingly enough, the flexible backbone).

Two things that may not come to mind are patched boyfriend jeans and bright red heels. That being said, I have gotten way more use out of these jeans than I originally bargained for. I’ll go as far as to say they have become somewhat of a recurring staple in my dressing schedule. I love that they don’t need much dressing up (they pretty much speak for themselves) and throwing them on with a plain T-shirt gracefully evades “boring”.

Patchwork is definitely seeing a major comeback this season – from bomber jackets to denim skirts and everything in between. It works for both summer and winter so be prepared to embrace the trend in whichever hemisphere you feature this season.

These shoes flock towards the south end of a classic, cohesive wardrobe. Some items in your clothing arsenal are just there because “it was love at first try” or for some reason you “just need it”. These pieces are great to have for those spontaneous occasions when you are feeling un-relentlessly free and fearless. And thats OK. Dressing is supposed to be exhilarating and make you feel spellbound and excited and if its not doing that, then its not worth it.


Photography – Maria Riazanova

Outfit Details:
Sunglasses – Spitfire
Shirt – Cotton On
Patchwork Boyfriend Jeans – Zara
Heels – Aldo

This is officially the 50th post on Trashcan Rebellion. Can’t believe we’re halfway to 100! Here’s to another 150 more!

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