Home-made Stress Reliever

mage via Pinterest

At some point in time we all find ourselves lumped with stress be it work, university or relationships. No matter what the reason, its always important to take time out for yourself and do a little wind-down. With the kick off of exam season right round the corner (I started this week), there is no better time to pamper yourself silly. During exams our bodies take on a lot of extra pressure due to increased stress levels which in turn weaken our immune systems and make us susceptible to colds and flu. Taking a break and allowing your body to relax is just as important as studying.

Here is a tried and tested home-made stress reliever that is sure to calm you down and bounce you right back up.

DIY Detox Bath

I am such a morning person, so it should come as no surprise then that I like to work the whole day and have my nights off. I guess its my little treat to myself. What better way to calm down from a hectic day than a wonderful soak in the bath! I love this detoxing recipe from Because I’m Addicted. It is so relaxing and smells delicious. All the ingredients work to draw out toxins from the body which couldn’t be more appropriate for exam time. (Added bonus, the sea salt makes it sparkle). I like to bring along a scented candle, my current favourite is a coconut and lime one that I got from Cotton On Home. Talk about heaven!


1 cup sea salt
1 cup Epsom salt
2 cups baking soda
7-10 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Add to a hot bath and enjoy!

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