Borrowed From The Boys




A few weeks back, my friend Akiva was visiting from New York. On one of our nights out, I landed up stealing Akiva’s bomber jacket and beanie which then lead to an impromptu Snapchat photoshoot (in which the photos were then saved and used for this post ๐Ÿ˜)

I have been wanting to write a ‘Borrowed From The Boys’ย post ever since I started the blog because lets be real, I have a serious crush on menswear. I’ve always had a thing for men’s clothes and androgynous style but being able to steal from a guy just makes its that much more fun to wear.

Here are some of my personal tips for lending from the lads and dressing like the dudes.

Things you can borrow from the boys:

Steal it straight out of that cupboard

  • Their shirts – wear as a dress (depending on length) with a belt or a shirt tied around the waist, ankle boots or sneakers
  • Their graphic t-shirts – wear tucked into a leather skirt or leather pants
  • Their sleeveless vests – wear with a lace bralette underneath to fill in the low cut sides

What to buy from the men’s isle:

No joke, I’m serious about this!

Its no secret that men’s winter fashion its just that much cozier and better than women’s. Max out on this ladies by buying these items from the men’s section

  • Beanies
  • Jerseys and Jumpers
  • Winter pyjamas and vests

Masculine Mastery:

Women’s fashion inspired by menswear

  • Boyfriend jeans and blazers – masculine flair that flatters the female form
  • Brogues and Oxfords
  • Matching jacket and trousers (bright colours or patterns please) – suit-inspired, super edgy and makes you feel like a boss
  • Sneakers – originally made for men but rocked by women. On occasion, this may fall into the ‘buying from the men’s isle category’ #guiltyascharged


Photography – Akiva Glazerson

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