I always say that winter is the “staple season”. There are certain items that you really can invest in and wear year after year. Coats, leather jackets and a gorgeous pair of boots are all great examples. Sure they can be a little bit expensive, but if you find great quality pieces, there’s no doubt they’ll last you a lifetime.

In summer, we tend to need variety and opt for every different style of top, dress or skirt which is more often than not, driven by that season’s latest trends. Winter on the other hand utilizes classic key pieces that are truly timeless. I have a great leather jacket that I bought 5 years ago and to this day I still wear it all the time and am probably even more in love with it now than I was when I first bought it.

For me, winter is definitely the most versatile season of the lot. I love using scarves, beanies and gloves to amp up a look and differentiate an outfit by mixing and matching and adding texture and flair, especially if you have one statement piece in rotation. And you don’t need to spend a fortune on these items to get a few great pieces! (Rule of thumb: Invest in key items and save on accessories).


Photography – Paulo Toureiro

Paulo and I really wanted to capture the idea of New York street style in this post (even though we shot in Joburg). I am constantly inspired by NY fashion but even more so in winter. People just take it to town with effortless layering and manage to look so incredibly chic! Although winter in JHB is nothing like winter in NY, its still fun to play with fashion and layer up. How boring would this look have been without the scarf? Adding it in instantly creates an extra dimension of interest within the outfit that would have otherwise been impossible.

This coat couldn’t be a better fit for layering. I love that it has so much room to accommodate mutiple layers of clothing yet is still streamlined enough to not make me look bulky. Definitely one of my best winter investments!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Outfit Details:

Coat – Topshop
Scarf – Aldo
Jeans – Cotton On
Sneakers – Adidas


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