The Cut


Do you have a certain outfit that makes you feel fearless? That when you put it on you feel like you can conquer the world? It’s kind of a strange thing, right? That clothes can make you feel a certain way. But trust me, they can and they do. I often find that the way I dress can instantly influence my mood. If I’m having a shit day or wake up feeling tired and washed out, purposely choosing an outfit that makes me feel bold and confident completely changes my whole perspective. It doesn’t have to be of the latest trend or from a high end designer. Simply wearing something that makes me feel good is in and of itself, enough.

This white shirt and cropped jersey combo definitely falls into that category for me. I can’t quite explain it, but whenever I wear them together, I always feel super confident and empowered and ready to tackle anything that comes my way. (That’s why you’ll often see me wearing them for tests/exams when I need that extra edge). I have a few of these go-to ensembles but this one is definitely one that I constantly gravitate towards.

The coat happens to be another one of my mood-boosting ingredients. Unlike the shirt and jersey combo that I can and have worn in every different way, the coat is one of those pieces that you keep for more “special” occasions. I bought it on an end-of-season sale last year and couldn’t wait to finally bring it out this winter. (Read more about how I tackle sales and why I bought something last year for this year here). It’s one of those truly classic and timeless pieces that I’ll have in my wardrobe forever but the best part is the way it makes me feel. (When I first tried it on, I literally felt like a millions dollars). That definitely is one of the things I love most about fashion and dressing, the fact that (like music) it has the ability to make you feel something.

I truly believe that most of our externalities are direct reflections of our internal being. That most of what shows on the outsides, comes largely by whats going on in the inside. Having great skin or healthy hair for example, is largely affected by the kinds of food you eat and the amount of water you drink. Self-love and a great personality are to a large degree established on the personal messages we tell ourselves. That being said, I can’t deny the fact that clothes are one of the only elements I can credit with having the power to blossom confidence from the outside in.

I have such a complex personality with a wide dimension of varying components. This might be hard to gage, even if you know me, because as I’ve been told on many occasions, I’m not the best communicator 😝 Trust me, I’m working on it! What I love about dressing is the fact that it can tell a story or relay a message or for me, suggest the aspect of my personality that feels like showing up that day. Having the freedom to express myself through fashion means that I can effectively communicate how I’m feeling; a little edgy, a splash of tomboy, or seriously feminine, all by the way I dress.


Photography – Paulo Toureiro 

About this look:

Paulo and I really wanted to play with this shoot and thus bring different elements in and out of the ensemble. I really love the versatility of the top and jersey combo (I’ve literally worn it with every kind of bottoms you can imagine! Boyfriend jeans, maroon pants and black jeans to give you some examples). I could definitely have worn this outfit without the coat (and my hair in a high pony) but adding it in just amps the look and brings in a more wintery flavour. Adding the hat into the look plays a little bit on the athleisure trend in a more sophisticated kind of way. So basically we have three different looks from just this one outfit!

See other ways I’ve styled the white shirt (here and hereand the leather pants and boots (here). 

Outfit Details:

Cap – H&M Men (stolen from my friend Akiva)
Coat – Studio W @ Woolworths (Last Year’s Sale)
Cropped Grey Jersey – Mango
White Shirt – Cotton On
Leather Leggings – River Island
Boots – Aldo (Currently on sale!)

Being able to use the way I dress as a form of self-expression and communication has literally been a game changer for me. I am so grateful to have found something that allows me to feel confident and empowered. Obviously everyone is different and fashion certainly doesn’t do this for everyone. So I would love to know, what empowers you guys? What makes you feel fearless and confident? Make sure to leave your comments below!





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