I Got It From My Mamma

The dress and genes. Not the bad roots.


If you haven’t figured it out already, this gorgeous dress comes straight out of my mom’s cupboard. I am so lucky to have two stylish sisters who I steal clothes from all the time but to be able to get from my mom too, is a huge bonus! My mom has always had great style but it definitely works out in my favour when our tastes in clothes collide. We would probably approach the same piece in completely different ways, but that alludes to the true beauty of personal style.

This dress is one of those pieces that I would never have picked for myself if I had seen it in the shops but would drool over seeing it on someone else and instantly want one. (This happens a lot might I add). The combination of the pattern, colour palette and shape gives it this boho-indie vibe that is just so free and unapologetic. And its super flattering. It’s also made from a lightweight fabric which strikes that perfect balance between airy and warm.

I would love to have added some kind of fringed element to the look, either in the form of a brown waistcoat or a suede brown bag. This would further fuel the boho spirit of the outfit but I can’t seem to find either of the two that I love. 

When I first saw the boots at Aldo, I immediately thought “dungarees”. I know that sounds crazy but I feel like they would look awesome with a pair of blue denim dungarees and a long sleeve crop top underneath. Only problem, I can’t find a great pair of dungarees that I love either. I am super specific when it comes to adding certain items to my wardrobe and I often put too much emphasis on details of cut and colour. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a perfectionist with a dash of OCD. Two other things I picked up from my mom.

I fell in love with the boots after trying them on and knew then and there that I was taking them home, irrespective of the amount of convincing I would need to justify myself. (Which for the record, wasn’t a lot). To be fair, they are going to be a staple pair in my closet for many years to come and they were on sale! And we all know how much I love a good sale (momma’s girl yet again). Because I’m a little on the shorter side, I love boots with a slight heel. They elongate my legs in just the right way without being unbearable to walk in.

Despite the overall boho-indie vibe of the look, there is something so polished about it.
Definitely one of my favourites from this season!

_J7B0821 1
_J7B0888 1

Photography – Paulo Toureiro

Outfit Details:
Dress – Jo Borkett
Boots – Aldo (currently on sale)
Jewellery – Lovisa
Hat – Vintage shop

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