IMAN Cosmetics E-Commerce Launch


Last week I had the privilege of attending the IMAN cosmetics e-commerce launch. The event was hosted by Omega Cosmetics and was held at the beautiful Waterfall Estate. It had this luxurious farm-style vibe to it and really made me feel like I was out of Joburg for the day. (If you are following me on Snapchat, you would know how spectacular this place was!)

Seeing that it was a day event, I wanted to strike the right balance of being smartly dressed without looking too “nightish”. I wore a floral bell-sleeved top from Zara with my staple black Topshop jeans and black heeled boots (which you may remember from this post or this one). 

We learnt a lot about IMAN as a brand as well as Iman herself. During her days working as one of the world’s top super models, Iman used to have to blend her own foundation for runways and photoshoots because make-up artists didn’t carry a suitable foundation for her goregous Somali complexion (something that is still widely prevalent in the industry today unfortunately). During this process she realized how underrepresented a lot of girls are when it comes to make-up and thus set out to create a make-up line that caters for every different skin tone and ethnicity.

The presentation also included some incredible live make-up tutorials ranging from ‘contouring’ to ‘perfecting your brows’. I definitely picked up a lot of tips but my favourite one is a little trick for applying mascara.

When applying mascara most of us usually start with the top lashes and then proceed to the bottom. The trick is to rather start with the bottom lashes and then move on to the top ones.  This prevents your top lashes from smudging when you’re doing the bottom ones. Brilliant, right?

We were lucky enough to touch and test out all the products on display and I even got my make-up done! #bonus

The event was definitely such a success but one of my favourite parts was getting to meet and interact with such interesting people ranging from celebrities to fellow bloggers. Meeting new people and creating new friendships is one of my favourite things to do, so I was beyond lucky to have been surrounded by such a warm and friendly bunch.

Thank you so much to the Omega Cosmetics team as well as the Iman Cosmetics family for having me. It was such a splendid event and I can’t wait for the next one!

IMAN Cosmetics are currently sold in-store at Stuffords and they have just released their own website. So now you can get the products delivered straight to your door! Make sure to check out all their gorgeous products via their website


Iman Cosmetics Africa

Iman Cosmetics Africa

Iman Cosmetics Africa Launch

With blogger babes Hayleigh Chamberlain, Tarryn Candice & Kim Robinson 💋

Iman Cosmetics Africa

Iman Cosmetics Africa with Jen SuWith the gorgeous Jen Su!

Iman Africa Launch
Image credits: Micaela Valery & Daniel Da Silva

With my girl Cici – singer, songwriter, actress and TV Presenter 👯


 A few treats from the goodie bag!














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