Tomboy Talk

Trashcan Rebellion Tomboy Dressing

One of my favourite things about fashion is that it gives you an opportunity to showcase different aspects of your personality (I’ve said that before and I will probably say it a million more times.) I definitely have an androgynous side to both my style and personality and love that I can showcase that with menswear inspired clothing.

One of my favourite pieces that hails from this category is plaid shirts. I already have a million “different” versions in my wardrobe but when I saw this one at Woolworths, I was instantly sold. The more masculine elements of the shirt and plaid pattern, combined with a subtle feminine streak in its red and purple hues, endow this shirt with its perfect blend between masculine and feminine. And the oversized length is just the cherry on top. It adds an extra factor that makes the shirt stand out in my wide array of plaid. It’s pretty safe to say I’m completely smitten.

For this look, I decided to play up the struggle between “masculine vs feminine” by accessorizing the look with a beanie, grunge shoes and a light pink lip. I am not one for head-to-toe matching, but I do love how the white beanie and black shoes complement the white T-shirt and black writing. I definitely think this seamlessly tied the whole look together. (Something I was so happy Tegan noticed!)

Even though I am wearing the shirt as a jacket of sorts, I originally bought it with the intention of layering. Don’t you think it would look so cool sticking out from underneath an unbuttoned coat or an unzipped leather jacket? Adding this shirt into one of those ensembles would give that outfit interest and dimension through the introduction of texture and print.

Tegan and I shot this look at the Hyde Park Hotel and we both fell in love with the location. The Hotel is truly spectacular and we were so lucky to have it all (basically) to ourselves. For this look, we both wanted a setting that accentuated the tomboy aura of the outfit and I think this environment did just that.

Trashcan Rebellion Tomboy Dressing
Trashcan Rebellion Tomboy Dressing
Trashcan Rebellion Tomboy Dressing
Trashcan Rebellion Tomboy Dressing
Trashcan Rebellion Tomboy Dressing

Trashcan Rebellion Tomboy Dressing

Photography – Tegan Smith

Outfit Details:

  • Plaid shirt and T-shirt – Woolworths
  • Jeans – Forever New
  • Shoes – Zara

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