Prepping My Skin For Spring


Happy Spring everybody! (Well for my South African readers at least.)

Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons for a whole host of reasons. I love the transitional dressing – light fabrics and flowy ensembles, the beautiful scenery where flowers and leaves are just starting to bloom and of course, the smell of spring in the air. It is just such a beautiful season that I look forward to every year. It always brings back such happy memories of holidays, quality family time and the most perfect weather.

With a change of season comes a change in my skin care regimen. During winter, my skin gets super dry. So to get my skin ready for spring, I incorporate nourishing skincare products that help lift my skin out of its “drought”.

Read on to see some of the products I am using to get my skin looking spring ready.

  1. Too Cool For School Egg Cream Sheet Mask

    One of the perks about being involved in the beauty industry is that I am constantly being introduced to a wide range of incredible products and sensations. My favourite so far is Korean skincare. Korean culture encourages a lifestyle that promotes the value of looking after one’s skin from an early age. Have you ever noticed how Korean women just seem  to have the most beautiful skin? Their flawless complexion and porcelain skin is definitely a result of the incredible products they use (and genetics of course).I was first introduced to this egg cream sheet mask by Chriselle Lim from The Chriselle FactorThe mask is infused with egg yolk and egg white extract which leaves your skin feeling nourished and reviltalized. It not only hydrates and moisturises your skin, but simultaneously firms your skin and clarifies your complexion which makes for younger looking skin.The great thing about this sheet mask is that you can leave it on while you work. 20 minutes of emails, reading or writing papers goes by in a flash when you have this baby on! 

    Available at Sephora

  2. Dr Jart Water Max Sleeping Mask

    Here’s another Korean winner. The Dr Jart Sleeping mask is a leave-on mask that is applied before going to bed. It just so happens that our skin does most of its self-repairing while we are asleep, so why not boost the healing process with a light leave-on mask that restores the skin’s water supply while locking in moisture and nutrients? The mask contains olive leaf extract and lactobacillus which protects the skin from dryness and strengthens the skin barrier. And here you were thinking beauty sleep wasn’t a real thing.
    Available at Sephora

  3. Eucerin Sun Protection

    We all know that I am a huge advocate for protecting your skin from the sun. (If you’re not sure what I mean, you need to read this post.) Wearing sunscreen daily helps prevent wrinkles and premature ageing. I have tried and tested a whole range of different creams but I am currently obsessed with this Eucerin one. Not only is it light and colourless (we’ve all had that blotchy white one before) but it leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh. I don’t wear foundation, so to have a product that makes my skin look great is an added bonus!

    Available at Dischem

  4. Oh So Heavenly Dream Cream 

    I am a huge fan of the Oh So Heavenly range (I’ve spoken about another product from the range here)I got this cream in winter from my aunt Ody (she always finds the best products) and have been in love with it ever since. I leave the cream on my bedside table and apply it nightly after the bath. The cream is light and quick-absorbing so your skin instantly feels soft and nourished. In addition to its sweet and calming aroma, it’s packed with vitamins A, C, and E as well as shea and cocoa butter that promote skin rejuvenation and prevent ageing. During winter, my legs suffer the most and this cream has seriously worked wonders!

    Available at Clicks

Spring is the season of re-birth so I wish you all a sense of renewed energy and inspiration whether it be in your career, personal life, goals or aspirations.

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