Light & Lucid


When it comes to everyday style, I tend to gravitate towards more casual pieces with a bit of edge. Enter exhibit A – this white bell-sleeved top. Bell-sleeves have been a style crush of mine for a while and I simply couldn’t resist this one. I love that it is as equally interesting as it is practical. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for those purely enticing and completely impractical pieces. I just happen to fall into a bad habit of collecting too many of them.

This top is far from that and finds strength in its simplicity. Being white with a styled-up sleeve means that I can literally slip it on with any array of bottoms and still look like I’ve put in effort. Tegan even noted that it’s basically a white T-shirt on steroids, which could not be more accurate. The light fabric and 3/4 sleeves make it perfect for all year round. It’s easy enough to wear in winter with or without a jersey and still cool enough for summer. Definitely more than just a one-hit wonder.

This is a typical everyday outfit for me. My university peers can surely attest to that. It’s the go-to outfit that I keep on repeat, especially when I’m looking for something quick and easy to slip on.

It has all the components of ย a great classic outfit – a simple yet detailed top, a pair of jeans and boots. Recently, I have been keeping the top, boots and jersey together and differentiating the look with a change of jeans. This just so happened to be one of the first times I wore blue jeans with this outfit. This past winter, I mostly opted for a pair of maroon ones but I felt like the light blue initiated a spring spirit.

I had been on the hunt for a great light coloured jersey/cardigan/knit until I came across this one at the H&M sale. I struggle to find lighter coloured knitwear so I was pretty much sold on the colour before even trying it on. It is the coziest thing I’ve ever owned and I struggle to take it off. (I sometimes even wear it with my pyjamas when I’m slouching around the house. #nojudgement). It’s oversized, warm and light – the perfect all rounder in my eyes.

Intermediary seasons like spring and autumn bring on the opportunity to engage with transitional dressing and this look fits right into that. Not only from a warmth perspective but from a colour position too. So it is totally appropriate for you whether you are in the North or South.


Photography – Tegan Smith

About the shoot:

Tegan and I shot this look at the Hyde Park Hotel pool deck. We found the most incredible light from the reflections both by the pool as well as the glass sliding doors behind me. For those of you who have been there, you can attest to how fabulous the pool set up is. And for those who haven’t, you seriously need to pay it a visit!

Look Details:

Knit – H&M
Top – Zara ย 
Jeans – Forever New
Boots – Woolworths




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