It’s The 90’s Baby!

Trashcan Rebellion 90's Fashion 1

Fashion, like history, continues to repeat itself. Trends cycle back and forth and styles make a comeback with a fresh modern twist.

The present is no different. Unless you have been living under a rock, you can surely agree that the 90’s have made a full force fashion revival. Denim, patches, crop tops, chokers and big chunky shoes are bursting out of every fashion orifice known to man and I couldn’t be happier.

The 90’s are not only my childhood decade (which obviously brings back a whole host of fashion memories – both good and bad) but they were also a season of fashion rebellion thanks to rock and roll. This resurgence gives us all a second chance at redemption and a means with which to rectify our past fashion faux pas’. And let’s be real, being a kid in the 90’s means that there were many.

This outfit has all the elements of classic 90’s style but with a completely modern twist. A denim skirt, crop top, grunge shoes (which at times remind me of buffallos) and a bandana (at least it’s on my bag and not typical 90’s handkerchief style on my head). It’s an updated combination of individual 90’s classics all rolled into one.

Side note: pigtails probably would have made me more Spice Girls material but let’s just be thankful that that hair trend remains in the 90’s. 

Trashcan Rebellion 90's Fashion 2
Trashcan Rebellion 90's Fashion 3Trashcan Rebellion 90's Fashion 4
Trashcan Rebellion 90's Fashion 5
Trashcan Rebellion 90's Fashion 6
Trashcan Rebellion 90's Fashion 8

Photography – Tegan Smith

Outfit Details:

Top & Skirt – Topshop
Bandana – Lovisa
Bag – H&M
Shoes – Zara


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