Deliberate Denim


I first wore this dress to a friend’s wedding in June. Liat actually bought it for me, on the day! The wedding was in winter and I literally had nothing to wear. I was writing exams and didn’t have the time to find something.

When Liat sent me a photo of this dress, I knew it would be perfect. I didn’t own anything like it and I knew that it could just as easily be dressed up as it could be dressed down thus making it a worthwhile investment. For the wedding, I wore black heels and a black coat (being winter) but I wanted to show you guys how this dress could be transitioned into a more casual look.

Denim is one of my go-to quick fix for making a look more casual. I have always loved the idea of tying a denim shirt around the waist but I had never really thought of using a denim jacket until I came across the idea on Sincerely Jules. I used to think such a move would be super unflattering because denim jackets can be super bulky. But it’s actually quite the opposite! I did try a denim shirt on with this dress but the effect just wasn’t the same. Thank you 90’s revival for bringing these babies back into our lives.

I actually borrowed this denim jacket from my mom. I constantly steal it from her cupboard because I’m a little bit obsessed with it. It’s pretty much perfect. The light wash matches with everything and the fit is slightly oversized but still has great shape.


Photography – Josh Clacher 

Make-up – Jem Weil

I first worked with Josh last year on this shoot. That was one of my first professional shoots ever! So working with Josh again, almost a year later, felt a little nostalgic. Especially considering how the blog has changed in the last 12 months.

I usually do my own make up for my shoots so having Jem on board was a real treat!

There is still much more to come from this shoot so stay tuned!

Happy Friday everybody!

Outfit Details:
Dress – Zara
Denim Jacket – Zara


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