Feel Good Friday

Because TGIF was created for a reason.


If this outfit could be any day of the week, it would be a Friday. The bright, bold top with the relaxed 70’s-inspired wide leg pants represent all our Friday feels – happiness, excitement, the need to party, the need to chill. (You get where I’m going with this.) You may remember this outfit from a shoot I did with Maria back in March. While that post solely focused on the fashion, these images on the other hand, capture my mood.

After hours of walking around the steep Waterkloof area in high heels (Cape Townians can vouch for how unpleasant this is), I was pretty much over it and told Maria that we would need to do the rest of the shoot without them. We both agreed that we could crop the shots if necessary. However, when push came to shove, I fell in love with the pictures just the way they were. Being barefoot gave the rest of the shoot a much more relaxed and laid back feel. Not to mention the background makes me look like I’m at a beach house! #livingfortheholidays. It’s less about the clothes and more about personality. A kind of carefree attitude where you don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s how we all feel about Friday’s, right?

After a long uphill battle with a crazy week, Fridays provide us with a chance for rejuvenation, a time where we get the opportunity to relieve ourselves of our daily stressors and the melancholy of everyday life (or in this case relieve my feet 😉 ). The day signals the end of a crazy week and the start of a fulfilling weekend. Friday brings with it a clean slate where we can wash ourselves off of the weekly pressures and sink in to our personal havens. Friday’s mentality is one filled with hope, anticipation and excitement. It’s the start of new possibilities and endless potential. No task seems too difficult to handle, no mountain too big to climb (ok, enough with the hill jokes). Whatever you are doing, Friday’s mentality is undoubtedly a positive one.

There’s something about knowing the weekend is just a few hours away that makes us feel totally invincible. Wouldn’t it be great if we could replicate that feeling everyday? Instead of those ‘Manic Mondays’ and ‘Tiring Tuesdays’ we could have ‘Feel Good Fridays’ throughout the week. I recently saw a quote that said “Do what you love and you’ll never have a problem with Monday”. Isn’t that some food for thought?

Wishing you all a fantastic Feel Good Friday and may you carry the energy you have today with you throughout the rest of the forthcoming week!


Photography – Maria Riazanova 

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