Olive Obsession


As a child, I absolutely hated the colour olive green. Regardless of the countless times my mother promised me that this particular green brought out the colour in my eyes, it made me feel uncomfortable in ways I can’t explain. As I become more fashion-aware, I find myself gravitating towards more neutral colours including the now infamous olive green. I seemed to have developed a new found appreciation for it, as can be seen by its apparent abundance in my wardrobe.

This dress happens to be a stellar canvas for celebrating olive green. The simple silhouette lets the colour be the star of the show while not compromising on interest with the asymmetrical hemline. I splurged a little on this dress, knowing that it would be something I would wear often (both from a colour and style perspective) and I have yet to prove myself wrong. While here I have opted for a more simplistic ensemble – pairing the dress with plain black pumps; past variations have included denim, leather, gold jewellery and sneakers. I have even made myself a matching choker using the belt from the dress. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a one tone feel. And now that I am obsessed with all things olive green, I want to wear as much of it as possible.



Photography – Hd Photography 

Outfit Details:

Dress – River Island
Shoes – Woolworths
Sunglasses – Ray Ban (Borrowed from my cousin Micaela)









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