Office Dress Code

Or lack thereof.


A few weeks back I had an interview with a financial consulting company and had nothing to wear. I am a big time believer in the power of first impressions and being someone who works in the fashion industry, I certainly wanted to dress to impress. I remember the utter shock on my sister Liat’s face when I told her I was planning on wearing a pair of black culotte pants and a smart white shirt. ย At the time I thought there was nothing inappropriate about this kind of dress code but looking back I completely understand her horror.

One of the things I love most about working in the industry that I do, is the more relaxed yet still sleek and sophisticated work attire. Office dress code in the fashion industry is polished and professional but still maintains an element of excitement. It was from this notion that I developed the idea of wearing culottes to the interview.

Based on this incident, I wanted to create a work appropriate ensemble that works for those of us in the “unconventional” employment space. The all black look with the gold accents ensures that the outfit is formal without being too restricting and professional but far from casual. For me, this outfit is perfect for a business meeting with potential clients or a strategising about future content. Plus, it makes me feel incredibly confident and empowered – a killer combo when you need to take charge and be a boss.


Photography – Tegan Smith

Outfit Details:

Top – Witchery
Culotte Pants – Woolworths
Shoes – Woolworths
Bracelets – Mr Price & River Island


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