2016: A Year in Review

And that ladies and gentlemen, was 2016.

Wow what a rollercoaster of a year!

This year brought with it so many ups and downs, cycles, sub-cycles and more. There were milestones and challenges, highs and lows and everything in between. It has been a year of hard work, dedication and self-improvement. I have grown and learnt so much, both about myself and about life.

2016 started off on such a high. Coming out of a fantastic holiday, seeing the blog take off so well and doing my Honours degree in something I am so passionate about, naively led me to believe that I could ride this high throughout 2016 and make it THE best year of my life.

And to some extent it has been. I have experienced some of the greatest moments of my life thus far. The blog has taken off far more than I could have imagined for the two years it’s been going and I have gained so much new knowledge, friendships and experience from my degree. This year has brought me so many personal victories (even if they were really small) and I could not be more grateful.

I am happy to say this year has ended off the way it started – with a bang. So let’s get started on the last (and possibly the longest) post of 2016.

Highlights of 2016:

  • Completing my honours degree in Economic Science
  • Getting featured in the Grazia Magazine (#dreamcometrue) and the Huffington Post (check it out here)
  • Making connections with people in the industry whose work I have long admired
  • Personal growth
  • Getting to work with some incredible photographers and create inspiring content

Lessons I have learnt this year:

Always trust your gut. It’s probably right 99.999% of the time. Don’t fight your intuition.

Don’t stress about the things you can’t control. This is something I keep having to learn. As rational and logical as I am, I can just as easily be seduced by emotions. There have been countless times, this year in particular, where I have stressed over something only for it not to happen. Don’t waste your time and energy on events out of your control. For all you know, it might not even happen.

You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. This ranges from capturing a picture of the beautiful scene you drive past every day and always promise yourself you’ll one day stop and take a picture (I made Liat stop the car for me to do this) to applying for a position you think you’ll never get/ aren’t “good” enough for. Opportunity waits for no-one and the same prospect might not present itself again. Just go for it.

Speak up.

Ask and you shall receive. This relates to absolutely any situation. If you want something in life, just ask for it. Don’t wait for the time to be “right” or people to come knocking.

Develop discipline. Motivation can go just as easily as it can come.

Everything will work out eventually. Just keep reminding yourself that. Trust me on this one.

No matter how long you’ve travelled in the wrong direction, you always have the choice to turn around. One of my favourite sayings goes “if you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.”I think all too often we forget how much of our lives lie within our control. Each and every one of us has the power to manoeuvre our own reality regardless of how long we’ve felt lost, hopeless or drowning in life’s turbulent waters. Nothing in set in stone and you have no obligation to be the same person you were a year, a month or even 15 minutes ago.

Stop making excuses for other people. Everyone has it tough. For some reason I am so quick to make excuses for other people. I can come up with any reason as to why someone else has something better or is going further. No one is exempt from challenges, family issues and personal crisis. We all have shit going on that makes us wage through life’s tides. No one’s life is anymore perfect than yours.

Sometimes you have to go back to go forward. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to give you enough space to propel yourself into a giant leap forward. It would be difficult to appreciate the good if we didn’t know what bad was, right?

Gratitude. One of the most things that I am truly proud of in 2016 is practising daily gratitude. This year I made a special effort to become more aware of the present and took in each special moment with grace. This meant acknowledging the smallest miracles that I am lucky enough to experience – seeing a beautiful sunset on the drive home after a long and tiring day at varsity, being grateful for waking up happy in the morning or dancing in the car when my favourite song comes on the radio. Nothing makes you feel better than appreciating the small things that are right in your life. Give it a try. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

In life, you can have absolutely anything that you want. If you are willing to let yourself believe you can do it and push yourself to fight for it, then you can achieve absolutely anything you want.

Last year I made a promise to myself that this year I would give the blog the time and attention it deserves. Looking back on what has been such a great year, I can truly say that I did just that. Here is a look back at some of my favourite shots from this year’s posts.



Plans for 2017:

Trashcan Rebellion is getting a 2017 make over and thus will be relaunching in February. I’ll be taking January off from posting to do all the behind the scenes work and create some incredible, new and fresh content for you guys. 2017 has big things in store for Trashcan Rebellion which include changing the weekly posting schedule to accommodate more content, introducing the male division, Trashcan Man and way more travel content. I am so excited for what’s in store and I can’t wait to bring you guys along for the journey.

Thank you all for your continued love and support. This blog is only the way it is because of you guys and I couldn’t be more grateful for it all. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives while I let you in on mine. Wishing you a fantastic start to the New Year and may 2017 bring you all the love, health, happiness, adventure and passion that you deserve. Go chase your dreams and never stop learning!

In the meantime, make sure to keep updated via my social media channels:

Instagram: @meirafriedland
Snapchat: Username – mimfriedland

See you all in 2017!

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