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Trashcan Rebellion x Ryan Shaw Camps Bay 8

We all have different aspects to our personality, and style just happens to be one of the many avenues available to showcase it. When I don an ensemble like this, I feel badass AF. I don’t give a shit that I’m wearing a dark head-to-toe outfit during the day, alongside the beach. I feel confident and sexy and most of all, empowered. And if clothes can’t make you feel that way, then it’s no bother wearing them.

For this look I wanted to channel my inner rocker chick. A fearless female who refuses to play life by “the rules” and marches to the beat of her own “live on” anthem. The one all those angsty teenage songs warned you about. Fearless. Confident. Unapologetic.

When Ryan and I shot this look, I had just bought the skirt and although I wasn’t stacked with ideas on how to wear it, I knew for sure that it would come to be a go-to staple. Fast forward a few weeks and this skirt has been on more fashion escapades than I’m able to count. It definitely gets an outing at least once a week.

With such a significant design, it’s surprisingly become my saving grace. I have been dressing it up with sassy tops for nights out and have paired it with a white T and sneakers for a casual downtown scene. Don’t you love that feeling when you know something is going to be great, and you get to prove yourself right? We’ve all had this experience at least once before. This skirt just so happens to be mine.

One of the best parts about this outfit is its simple reproducibility. Pair you statement skirt with a graphic vintage T-shirt sporting your favourite rock band. Don’t have one? Steal one from your man – sharing is caring right?

This is something I would usually have deemed as a “holiday mode” kind of outfit. You know the ones that are too bold to wear back home but are somehow acceptable when we’re out of town and everyone has such a relaxed mindset? One of the best things about being a fashion blogger is not having to be held accountable to any societal standards regarding my outfit choices. I wear what I like, when I like. And then neutralize my eccentricity with the “she’s a fashion blogger” excuse. (FYI this should not only be applicable for fashion-related folk). Dressing is an extension of my personality and since I am quite free spirited, my personal style choices will continue to be a representation of that. I would totally show up to our Tuesday morning coffee catch up dressed like this. If it feels good, I’m going to wear it.

Often times I wish we could liberate ourselves with this energy during our “everyday” lives. I wish we could all take a page out of our own holiday book. The one where the only ‘attitude’ we have is carefree. Judgements are lax and our behaviour reveals an unapologetic pride of our intrinsic selves. Let’s all go back to those days once in a while. The ones where we bounce between the palm trees and frolic in the sunset. Those glorious days where we sip cups of carelessness and bath in spontaneity. Let’s go back to those days? Mentally or physically. The choice is yours.

Trashcan Rebellion x Ryan Shaw Camps Bay 1

Trashcan Rebellion x Ryan Shaw Camps Bay 3

Trashcan Rebellion x Ryan Shaw Camps Bay 4

Trashcan Rebellion x Ryan Shaw Camps Bay 5

Trashcan Rebellion x Ryan Shaw Camps Bay 7

Trashcan Rebellion x Ryan Shaw Camps Bay 6

Trashcan Rebellion x Ryan Shaw Camps Bay 2

Photography – Ryan Shaw

I am super excited to be sharing the first of many looks from my collaboration with Ryan. Ryan is as undeniably talented as he is hard-working. On the day we shot this story, Cape Town was having one of its SEVERE windstorms. Ryan had to simultaneously co-ordinate the elements, as well as myself, all while trying to get the perfect shot. He did so with such grace and ease and I couldn’t be more grateful. Ryan, thank you for all your patience and understanding. You are a true pleasure to work with. Looking forward to many more collaborations in the future!

In the meantime, go check out his Instagram page (@ryanshawphotography) if you truly want to be awe-inspired.

What I’m Wearing:

Choker – Lovisa
Graph T-shirt – Cotton On
Sunglasses – Cotton On
Double Buckle Skirt – Zara
Boots – Aldo

**I have to give thanks to a real wonder woman, my sister Liat, who kindly let me keep her T-shirt with me in CT for this shoot even though she needed it back in JHB. You’re a true gem my girl! Gracias.








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