Trashcan Rebellion x The Florist Johannesburg

Trashcan Rebellion x The Florist

I have been obsessed with The Florist Johannesburg’s magical creations ever since I first laid my eyes on them. These gorgeous bouquets in a box are utterly unique and charming. Fresh flowers are a regular feature in my day-to-day activities and I couldn’t wait to share the different ways I incorporate them into my life.

Read on to see how I would use The Florist Johannesburg’s flowers as a blogger, for my home and for someone special.

Trashcan Rebellion x The Florist Flatlay


As a blogger, flatlays are a huge part of what I do. However, they can get really repetitive if you stick to the same formula. For me (and any other bloggers out there), these flowers in a box are the perfect solution to spice up a regular flatlay. They stimulate viewers’ interest and are an incredibly refreshing take on an otherwise overused prop.

Trashcan Rebellion x The Florist x Lifestyle


When it comes to decorating your living space, I am all for the little details. For me, it all comes down to the subtle tweaks that give your space zest and bring out your personality. Having fresh flowers in your home not only brightens up your space but also brightens up your mood! You can’t be that miserable when you have beautiful flowers around.

I am a big advocate for having fresh flowers around the house and try to do so as often as I can. The great thing about these flowers is that they can last up to a week (depending on the species and weather) and you don’t need to search for a suitable vase because they come pre-packaged in a beautiful box.

Added bonus – once the flowers have died, The Florist Johannesburg can either refill your box or you can use it as a storage for make-up!

Trashcan Rebellion x The Florist OOTD


Let’s be real – every girl loves flowers. When it comes to gifts, you pretty much can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet. Except when you keep buying the same store bought roses over and over again (#yawn). When I first saw these gorgeous creations from The Florist Johannesburg, I immediately thought about buying them as gifts. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or just a special surprise, these magnificent creations will truly wow the lucky ladies in your life. Because let’s be real, who’s ever seen flowers in a box like this before?

And since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, why not spoil your mom with a special surprise from The Florist Johannesburg. No doubt she will be blown away with an enchanting arrangement that is a little different from the usual Mother’s Day shindig. You can thank me later 😉

To give yourself some flower power contact Saskia on 072 125 4221.

Otherwise find them on social media:

Instagram: @theflorist_jhb



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