We Are Back!

Hello there Trashcan Rebels!

It’s been ages.

In the last 9 months, I could have cooked up a tiny human or grown a pineapple (yes they’re just like us). Luckily for you guys (and mostly me) that’s not the case. Instead, I’ve spent the last 9 months being a citizen of the world – 12 countries, 19 cities, 4 islands and endless buses, trains and planes.

When we last spoke, I was writing blog posts from a cafe in Berlin. My initial ritual was to wake up early, run to the cafe across the street from my hostel, and sit and blog for as much as I could before the spectacle of the day took hold. I had every intention of carrying on with such but, as fellow travellers can attest to, things get pretty crazy when you’re travelling. And as much as I wanted to document my journey as I went along, I came to the consent that I couldn’t sit out on experiences to makes sure I was blogging about them.

After a mind-blowing 3.5 months in Europe (so much to tell you guys so get excited!) it was off to Tel Aviv for another 3.5 months. I promised myself that once the travelling circus had ended, I would be able to regain my focus and make time to catch up on all the overdue blogging. I was convinced that because I didn’t have the distraction of travelling, I would be able to push through. In this space of time, I travelled around Tel Aviv almost as much as I did in Europe. Two internships and 8 apartments later, we find ourselves here.

Temporarily moving to a new country and trying to make a life for yourself there comes with a new set of perks and challenges. And to top it all off, Tel Aviv comes with its own hustle or die lifestyle. These are not excuses for my absence. I am a firm believer in taking credit for one’s actions and that we have the power make time for the things we prioritise. Unfortunately for me (and this amazing community), last year I had to put life’s experiences ahead of the blog.

I am a strong believer in intention. When I wrote that post back in May last year, I had every intention of keeping my blogging constant. Beyond that, I like to be honest, upfront and genuine. I have yet to post something (be it on social media or the blog) that I don’t fully stand behind. Each and every thing that goes up is done with pure intentions. Everything that goes into this brand is an extension of myself and a representation of what I stand for. It’s important for you to know that when I am not active online, it’s not out of apathy or a lack of interest but rather out of preservation of integrity. I don’t share things just for the sake of it. I never have and don’t intend on it.

I recently read an article written by a woman who was going though a really rough time. Everything was falling apart and she felt like rock bottom hit her face first. She took a moment to reflect and asked herself a question that still gives me chills. “Where am I the best version of myself?

My answer to that question? Right here. This is a place where I am giving the world one element of the best version of myself. Trashcan Rebellion is me. It is my lens to share the world as I see it. It’s passion and my drive. And what I am fighting for. So any time you think I have abandoned you, or giving up on blogging, remember what you have read here. Trashcan Rebellion is not going anywhere.

This time I’m back with a different perspective. Fiercer. Better. Stronger. I have learnt a lot in these past few months. But nothing compares to the resilience I have gained. Thank you to every one of you for sticking around despite my absence. Your unwavering support doesn’t go unnoticed.

2017 was the year of adventure. And true to it’s essence, that’s exactly what it was.

For 2018 I’m calling it the year of Opportunities. Be it personal, career and more. I am moving cities (back to TLV) and gaining a new home. There are going to be tons of changes and exciting escapades. If you haven’t already noticed, bold moves and big adventures are kinda my thing. So stick around to see how that goes.

If you’ve carried on reading this far, good on you. There’s tons more essays where this came from.

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” – Terry Pratchett.

And with that, I’m back.


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