Buckle Up

Living in Tel Aviv means experiencing summer 9 months out of 12. Living in Tel Aviv also means limited wardrobe space.

Every winter, I transition my wardrobe from summer to winter, bringing down the coats and jackets and swapping out the t-shirts and beach gear.

Oftentimes, the transition in my wardrobe mirrors the transition in the weather – slow and gradual. It then becomes a situation of blending the seasons, contrasting textures and breaking some rules.

This outfit came together just like that and has become a staple #OOTD for the last few weeks while the weather has still been fitting. A few elements change each time but the blueprint remains the same – denim skirt, t-shirt, denim jacket and some kind of boots or sneakers.

I have never been one to fully commit/subscribe to ‘Winter vs Summer’ attire. I often find myself mixing and matching elements from each for a more versatile wardrobe (I do quite love the idea – I just can’t fully commit).

This kind of look makes it easy to make the most use of your clothes all year around and hopefully breaks the stigma of seasonal fashion rules. I mean rules were made to be broken, right?

Photography – Brianna Pescock

Outfit Details:

Jacket – Woolworths

T-shirt – Woolworths

Denim Skirt – Cotton On

Boots – Asos



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