Electric Feels

It’s no secret that winter used to be my least favourite season. Layering items one on top of the next, gave me chills equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Yet, as my love for fashion grew, so did my appreciation for winter and the style opportunities it affords us. I now arguably think it’s the most fashionable season of all.

I usually get caught in the monochrome trap – keeping my winter wardrobe a melody of neutral tones – browns, grey, black etc. It fits more of the wintery mood and makes dressing easy, simple and put together.

But, style should never just be easy. It should be fun and exciting and make you want to step outside and show off your best self. We should want to stand out in winter and not just blend in. 

This is not to say that winter-wear canโ€™t be chic and monochromatic. Rather, it can also be bright and bold. When I found this electric pink jersey, I instantly knew it would make the perfect colour addition to my more subdued winter wardrobe. It’s comfy, easy to style and goes perfectly with everything I already have.

For this look I paired it with an all white ensemble but I am looking forward to wearing it with various shades of denim as well.

If you’re intimidated by bright colours or would prefer to not appear ‘seasonally inappropriate’, my advice is to pick one or two bright pieces whether that be a neon bag, bright coat or a statement scarf, and style neutral elements around them. So don’t worry, all those neutral winter-eqsue items will still come in handy!

Photography – Brianna Pecsok

Outfit Details:

Jumper – Revolve
Jeans – Topshop
Sneakers – Veja

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