Amore at the Grand Canal

One of my favourite parts of story telling is the ability to play dress up and take on different roles. I have always wanted to create a fashion editorial – a story filled with illusion, escapism and fantasy – setting the scene for a particular character and creating a whole world for their existence.

This time last year I had the privilege of being in Amsterdam (pre-Corona), and found myself mezmerized by its beauty – serving as the perfect backdrop for a fashion story. The canals of Amsterdam one afternoon created a romantic yet eerie backdrop for this piece. As with any story, the environment plays an integral role, almost as much as the protagonist herself.

There is something mysterious about this character. We are not sure why she is here and what she is doing. Is she waiting for her long lost amore by the canal? Has she been stood up? Deserted?

While I don’t have the answers to these questions, I leave them for you to ponder. To let your imagination run wild into a mystical universe and then decide for yourselves. Now more so than ever, we need the release of imagination that allows us to escape from reality.

One of my all time favourite quotes, “It may be rainy now but it doesn’t storm forever” perfectly captures the current sentiment mood. While this past year has brought forth numerous challenges, it has also gifted us with a greater drive towards imagination, creativity and freedom.

“While this past year has brought forth numerous challenges, it has also gifted us with a greater demand for imagination.”

Looking back on these images bring me back to a time when the world looked very different to the one we now know. With storytelling comes the ability to allow ourselves to escape from reality and take a temporary time out from our lives.

I hope this piece and the whimsicality it creates does exactly that for you. I know it did so for me.


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