Amore at the Grand Canal

One of my favourite parts of story telling is the ability to play dress up and take on different roles. I have always wanted to create a fashion editorial - a story filled with illusion, escapism and fantasy - setting the scene for a particular character and creating a whole world for their existence. This … Continue reading Amore at the Grand Canal

Electric Feels

It's no secret that winter used to be my least favourite season. Layering items one on top of the next, gave me chills equivalent to nails on a chalkboard. Yet, as my love for fashion grew, so did my appreciation for winter and the style opportunities it affords us. I now arguably think it's the … Continue reading Electric Feels

Buckle Up

Living in Tel Aviv means experiencing summer 9 months out of 12. Living in Tel Aviv also means limited wardrobe space. Every winter, I transition my wardrobe from summer to winter, bringing down the coats and jackets and swapping out the t-shirts and beach gear. Oftentimes, the transition in my wardrobe mirrors the transition in … Continue reading Buckle Up


There was a time last year when everyone was wearing animal print skirts. They seemed to pop-up everywhere I looked - on Instagram, on the street, on my favourite fashion bloggers, you name it. The shape & style differed each time but the brown and black animal print remained. While I am not one to … Continue reading Paperboy

Greyed Out

If you had told me that one day I would not only love winter but actually embrace it, I would have thought you were crazy. Growing up, I absolutely despised winter - the cold, the clothes and everything about it. I refused to wear winter attire to the point that I would often leave the … Continue reading Greyed Out


I was recently listening to one of my favorite podcasts where the conversation turned into a debate about the sexiest thing a woman can wear. The unanimous outcome? A great T-shirt and jeans. That got me thinking about creating an outfit that is equally satisfying in simplicity and comfort as it is in visual appeal. … Continue reading FIRST LOVE

SAFW Day 3

Last week I attended day 3 of South African Fashion Week (I missed the first two days due to personal commitments). Day 3 was quite underwhelming (apparently Day 1 was the showstopper), with nothing exciting coming down the runway bedsides for Vintage Zionist and a Chinese presentation by designer Chu Yan. Nonetheless, I had a great time connecting … Continue reading SAFW Day 3


Sometimes we create with purpose and sometimes we just create. All too often, posts are created with the intention of conveying a message, relaying a trend or sharing recommendations. When do we stop and create just to be creative? There is not always the need to write about something specific or teach a fashion lesson. … Continue reading Stranded

Nicci AW 17 Event

Nicci Launch AW ’17

Each time I attend the highly anticipated Nicci Boutiques event, I am absolutely blown away. Every season, the Nicci team somehow manages to outdo themselves. If there was ever a prize for generosity, they would certainly take the crown. If it's not enough to showcase the newest season's most beautiful clothes, the team pull out all … Continue reading Nicci Launch AW ’17

Slipping into Sleekness

Slip dresses have been a favourite trend of mine for the longest time. They are easy to throw on and look semi put-tother with seriously minimal effort. They are my go-to when I'm in a rush, feeling a little chubs or "have nothing to wear". As great as they are, slip dresses tend to border … Continue reading Slipping into Sleekness