SAFW Day 3

Last week I attended day 3 of South African Fashion Week (I missed the first two days due to personal commitments). Day 3 was quite underwhelming (apparently Day 1 was the showstopper), with nothing exciting coming down the runway bedsides for Vintage Zionist and a Chinese presentation by designer Chu Yan. Nonetheless, I had a great time connecting … Continue reading SAFW Day 3

Maiden’s Cove

This could possibly be my favourite shoot yet. I mean, how unreal is this setting? Between the beautiful colours of the beach just before sunset blended with the white flowy kimono and blueish hues from my denims and top, I really love how well this whole scene came together. I bought this white kimono from … Continue reading Maiden’s Cove


This look is one of my absolute favourites from my shoot with Tegan. I am obsessed with how the whole scene came together and especially love this beautiful and erethreal setting we have created using a few of Tegan's tricks of the trade. (I'm convinced erethreal is a word, despite what spell check and the dictionary … Continue reading Efflorescence

Street Sweeper

Remember in this post when I spoke about trans-seasonal dressing and how I love to mix and match items from different seasons in my wardrobe? I've recreated that idea here wearing a completely summer base - demin shorts and an off the shoulder top - adding in elements of winter/autumn, the boots and hat. Its strange … Continue reading Street Sweeper

Cape to Cuba

I bought this top from a second-hand/vintage store in Tel Aviv while I was there last July. The shop had such a cool concept where every item inside the store was priced at 30 shekels (roughly 90 rand at the time), which made looking for pieces really exciting. When I first picked up this top, … Continue reading Cape to Cuba