Feel Good Friday

Because TGIF was created for a reason. If this outfit could be any day of the week, it would be a Friday. The bright, bold top with the relaxed 70's-inspired wide leg pants represent all our Friday feels - happiness, excitement, the need to party, the need to chill. (You get where I'm going with … Continue reading Feel Good Friday

On The Edge

Have you ever worn an outfit and loved they way it looked in person but then looked back at pictures felt like it wasn't given the same justice? I'm kind of feeling that about this one. Don't get me wrong, I love the way the photos turned out its just that the outfit looks a … Continue reading On The Edge

Following the Fjords

When Maria and I shot this post in March, I thought this outfit would be perfect for my Northern Hemisphere readers who were slowly going in to spring. Having just welcomed June this week (I can't believe we are halfway through the year!), this outfit couldn't be further from the winter ensembles we are donning … Continue reading Following the Fjords


Talk about sass! Clearly I was feeling myself that day ๐Ÿ˜‰ But how could you not? Flared pinstriped pants kind of do that to you. They make you feel so bold and confident. Despite what they may seem, they are such a classic, versatile piece that I am so happy to have welcomed into my … Continue reading Pinstriped

Pavement Special

When picturing a cohesive wardrobe, one of the first things that comes to mind is a good white shirt. Its classic, timeless and supernaturally versatile. ย It is without a doubt a core element for any wardrobe. (If your wardrobe is like the human body, a white shirt would be the spine. Fittingly enough, the flexible … Continue reading Pavement Special

White Light

So excited to be posting this from the beautiful Mother City! Although I am only here for the weekend, there's nothing like taking time out and getting a change of scenery for a little refuel of energy. And these images couldn't be a more perfect reminder of why Cape Town is just the place to … Continue reading White Light

Little Europe

Happy FriYAY everybody! I hope you have all had a fantastic week. You might recognise this look from a few weeks back. (If not, check it out here). Asย I mentioned in last week's post, Maria and have so many usable images from our shoot that I couldn't share in only one post, so I'm splitting … Continue reading Little Europe

Maiden’s Cove

This could possibly be my favourite shoot yet. I mean, how unreal is this setting? Between the beautiful colours of the beach just before sunset blended with the white flowy kimono and blueish hues from my denims and top, I really love how well this whole scene came together. I bought this white kimono from … Continue reading Maiden’s Cove

Street Chic

I fell in love with these olive mules after seeing them in a magazine while on the plane to Israel last year. I tore them out and kept the picture in my purse in the hopes that when I returned from my trip, they would still be there. Lo and behold, they were still in … Continue reading Street Chic