Sometimes we create with purpose and sometimes we just create. All too often, posts are created with the intention of conveying a message, relaying a trend or sharing recommendations. When do we stop and create just to be creative? There is not always the need to write about something specific or teach a fashion lesson. … Continue reading Stranded

Nicci Summer Launch 16

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Nicci SS/16 launch. Going to an event hosted by Nicci Boutiques is something I always look forward to. Not only are the clothes gorgeous, but the team always go above and beyond to make the event exciting and different. You are always guaranteed to come out … Continue reading Nicci Summer Launch 16

Spring/Summer 8


Something I especially love about transitional seasons like spring and autumn (fall) is the inbetween dressing. I'm not one to totally dichotomize my wardrobe into strictly¬†¬†summer and winter sections. I love the fact that transitional seasons bring forth a time to integrate aspects of the past season with elements of the forthcoming one. Mixing and … Continue reading Transitioning